Washing Machine – The Unsung Hero of our Home

Home appliances are many. From small vegetable cutters to large electric chimney. But have you noticed the benefits, these appliances offer to all of us. Their work are numerous but we use them and never have time to think about what would happen if these appliances were not there. This article will show you that these home appliances are the unsung heroes of our home. The unsung heroes as for me is the washing machine. If this is not at our home , then it can make our life really miserable. Don’t agree? Then lets look at it briefly and you will know its true worth.

Well I being from India I must say that all these appliances arrived in the market very late. Almost many years after they were common in the western countries. In India still today many people wash their clothes by hands. It is a very tough work. Its like a war out there with the clothes. But now many people can afford to buy washing machines and do wash their clothes in the washing machine. Well lets imagine what we would do before the washing machine arrived at our home. First we would have to soak our clothes in the detergent water and leave it for hours so that the detergent water is absorbed in the clothes which will help in cleaning the dirt in the clothes better.

Then when the washing starts it will definitely end with back pain. We have to rub the clothes with soap and then brush it. Well with pants you have to rub the soap and brush both in the outer side and also in the inner side. For sarees it just keeps on continuing. Shirts, pants, towels, undergarments, bed sheets, pillow covers, etc. Oh my God it just keeps on coming. People going to work will do their washing of the clothes on Saturday or on Sunday. Washing will take much time and will start your day with this. People going to work wash their clothes after six days which builds a heap of unwashed clothes. Definitely it will be a physical as well as mental draining. Brushing does hurts our hands and it is like doing some exercise. Well there is a gain if you go to gym and do exercise but by washing clothes it will make you really tired. Have you washed jeans? Jeans are very already very heavy. But when soaked in water it becomes even more heavier. It will kill your back. Then you would have to rinse the clothes in many buckets of water. And by the way I forgot to tell, if there is a running bore water connection then it’s a little tough but if there is not running bore water connection then its like hell. You would have to pump the water in between and that too buckets and buckets of water. This is really tough. Then finally there is the drying process. We have to squeeze the clothes and dry them in the rope. Squeezing the clothes will squeeze all your energy out.

If the clothes are lighter in weight then its ok, but if they are jeans and heavy clothes then it will give you hand pain. Imagining the washing of clothes makes me tired, then think what it would be like doing that work. If the washing machine gets repaired and you have to do your washing by hands then you will realize the true worth of the washing machine. Now you would have definitely understood what I am saying. People who are used to wash their clothes in the washing machine will never wash again by their hands. And if they have to do, then they will realize how good the washing machines are.

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