Green And Low-cost Home Appliance Coating

It’s about the prospect of coating finish tech application on home appliances.

At present, home appliance enterprises mainly adopts two ways to make metal surface resistant to corrosion.
anti-rust color-coated sheet
Finish treatment on galvanized sheet or metal plate

Some appliance enterprises built their own coating finish line with low cost and good technology. They pay much attention to market change and tech development of appliance finish

Pretreatment material- Phosphorized Liquid
Most metal parts of home appliances have high requirements for corrosion. One common solution is phosphating in coating pretreatment. It’s a kind of chemical conversion from phosphorized Liquid to phosphate film, referred to as phosphating. The film and powder coating protect the metal surface from rust for a long time.

As we know, phosphating process is highly toxic. The nitrite and heavy metal pollution to the environment is terrible. So in recent years, many companies are developing alternative environmental metal finish pretreatment technology for phosphating.

Green pretreatment tech
Among alternatives, the silane technology has good industrial application after years of development. It can meet the using demand of the automobile, household appliances and other industries. Besides, BonderiteNT-1 is also used in appliances, office furniture and hardware, etc. They both are not only featured with safety and environmental protection, but also can be operated at room temperature, saving energy and reducing consumption.

As for prices, the comprehensive cost of the two technology is lower than the phosphate process as well as equipment investment. Thus, more and more finish enterprises tend to provide green coating products of high quality and low cost for whole machinery factories.

Powder coating technology
After metal surface pretreatment, home appliances are always be powder coated on metal surfaces. Without volatile organic compounds (VOC), the cost-effective powder coating accord with environmental protection requirements, very suitable for application in the refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances production process. Among coating materials, epoxy polyester, mainly made from epoxy resin and polyester resin, is the most popular material is most widely used in home appliances.

As house appliance industry is booming, China powder coating sales rises about 10 percent than last year. Domestic coating has the advantage of comprehensive cost. First, some chinese finish suppliers tend to save raw materials by reducing coating film thickness and enhance spraying efficiency; low-temperature curing is also used, which can reduce power consumption in coating; the rest spraying powder of the appliances can be recycled. The overall process is done with advanced powder coating line for low coast and high efficiency.

From the above analysis, we can come to the conclusion that coating powder tends to grow environmental friendly and cost saving.

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